In Anticipation of Having to Defend Myself for My Gaming Videos

I posted the trailer for N00b Chronicles yesterday and have been both excited and incredibly nervous about it.

Excited because I’m having a lot of fun playing my way through Bioshock.  That, despite pressures to be some kind of Kickass Femme Gamer, I’m really just a dork who dies a lot.  But I have fun doing it.

So, I finally got the courage up to display that for all to see.  Because it’s not fair that A) Women who want to game get bullied out of it and B) That women who game but aren’t that good at it are ridiculed even harder.

I will never be able go on XBox Live and school some bully pre-teens.  I’m just not very good.  For a long time I was ashamed to even PLAY XBox, because I knew I wasn’t very good.

Somehow I felt like I wouldn’t be allowed to be mediocre.  And I knew I would never be GOOD, so I stuck with Super Nintendo and Game Boy.

But then I won an XBox in a contest and suddenly I had a chance to game all alone by myself with no one judging me.  And I had good friends who were just excited that I wanted to play and helped me learn the ropes.

And I have fun.

But I’m braced for impact.  I’m braced for women to criticize me for being a “stereotypical girly gamer”.  I’m braced for men to claim I’m pandering to the gaming community.  Hell, I’m braced for women to claim I’m pandering.

I’m making N00b Chronicles because I shouldn’t have to be braced for impact.  People have been making Let’s Play videos for years.  Because it’s FUN to make Let’s Play videos.  It’s fun to WATCH Let’s Play videos.

Ladies, it’s ok to be a mediocre gamer.  IT’S STILL FUN.  Ladies, it’s ok to be super excited that your Halo character’s armor can be pink (mine is aqua).  Ladies, it’s ok to want to try out video games and to giggle and shriek and be silly and suck at it.  Because it’s GAMES.  GAMES ARE FUN.

I just felt anxious sitting here waiting for the inevitable fallout.  So I decided to release an official statement.

I am a girl.  I wear makeup and curl my hair.  I love playing video games.

Hi, my name is Jessica and I’m a mediocre gamer girl.  We exist, and that’s OK!

More information on N00b Chronicles here. 


2 Responses to “In Anticipation of Having to Defend Myself for My Gaming Videos”

  1. Dana says:

    I hope you don’t get much flack over this; it looks like it’s going to be a blast. :)

    People who waste their time making nasty comments about fun, harmless videos need a hobby.

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